Craig’s Smile

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 9.08.17 PM A video showcasing an amazing Vancouver resident who does not let his disabilities define who he is.

Co-produced by Cristi Jenkins and Anni Becker, this work was made as the final project for our video class. We wanted to capture the heart behind the beautiful man that many in the Vancouver public library community love and cherish.  Anni and I both know Craig from our years of working with him at the Fort Vancouver Regional Library. A special thank you to Fabrizio Paterlini and Jamie for the use of their music.


  • Selected for inclusion in the Clark College student publication, The Phoenix 2014.
  • Also selected for inclusion in the Best of Clark College video presentation– May, 2014.

Adagio for Buds

two flowers flowers face towards a sunset A stop motion animation made of construction paper. A flower blooms and awakens dormant gifts and then shares them with an ailing flower.


  • Clark College Student Annual Art Show, May, 2014.
  • Inclusion in the Clark College student annual publication, The Phoenix, 2014.
  • Inclusion in the Best of Clark College video presentation– May, 2014.


Mosquito Meditatus

a woman pretends to be a dragonfly

On a very hot summer day, the protagonists wants to meditate but encounters an annoying problem. This is a silent movie created for my video class.


  • Inclusion in the Clark College Video Festival– May, 2014.

The Fifth Element Class Project

The fifth element against a dark night sky

This is a class project made in Adobe Flash where I combined my photographs with the recorded sounds emanating from inside volcanic lava tubes in Hawaii. Those organic sounds are juxtaposed with music by Kai Engel.

I wanted to capture the mystique behind the film’s premise that evil returns to earth every five thousand years from deep space. Left unchecked, the destructive force is destined to destroy earth unless the fifth element is unleashed, thus defeating the threat to earth’s well-being.

A special thank-you to Milton A. Garces at the University of Hawaii for giving permission to use the lava tube recordings. A thank-you to Kal Engel for the use of his music. “Nothing Lasts Forever.” 

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