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Cristi Jenkins is a professional information specialist, librarian, artist, writer, lyricist, musician, and photographer. She currently lives in Vancouver, Washington and loves to capture the beauty of nature and to laugh with life.

Educational Credentials

  • Associate of Applied Technologies in Web Design and Development from Clark College in Vancouver, WA, 2014, Graduated With Honors, 3.89 GPA
  • Masters degree in Library and Information Science, Brigham Young University, 1990
  • BA in Music with minors in English Literature and Psychology, Brigham Young University, 1988

The Word Crafter

words on a page.Cristi has a gift for writing and framing aspects of the world from a truly unique perspective. Over the years, she has penned articles for numerous alternative publications. Cristi is the author and illustrator of 7 books and counting–for both adults and children– available on Amazon.com.

Cristi professionally reviewed nonfiction and fiction children’s materials for 6 years for School Library Journal and Critica’s Magazine. See a review. She has a thorough understanding of print and illustration standards relevant to children’s print publications.

Civic Honors

  • Clark County Altrusa Award nominee for outstanding library service, 2009.
  • Honored by the SW Washington Medical Center for her ongoing work in presenting pre-literacy skills and teaching library basics to expectant Spanish-speaking mothers, 2009.
  • Co-recipient of the FVRL Above and Beyond Award for outstanding service to the Hispanic Community, 2009.

Academic Honors

a leaf on a sundial © Cristi Jenkins

Time Tale–Selected for inclusion in Clark College’s award-winning annual student publication, “The Phoenix.”

  • Clark College Vice-President’s List–Academic Achievement, 2013, 2014
  • Nolan J. Thompson I Family Scholarship 2013-2014 academic year.

Noted Visual Works selected for inclusion in Clark College venues:

  • Adagio for Buds–stop motion animation. The Phoeinx, 2014, Annual Student Art Exhibit, 2014, Clark College Video Festival, 2014.
  • Craig’s Smile–video. The Phoeinx, 2014, and Clark College Video Festival, 2014.
  • Time Tale–Photograph. The Phoeinx, 2014. Three other photos chosen as alternates.
  • Adagio for Buds still photograph and Time Tale used by the Clark College Foundation as thank-you notes.
  • Reflected Flower selected as lead art piece for the annual Clark College Foundation Thank-you Dinner, 2014.
  • Flower World selected by the Clark College Foundation as the lead art for thank-you cards going out to over 1700 donors, 2014.
a yellow flower

Reflected Flower chosen by Clark College Foundation as the lead art piece for the annual donor thank-you dinner, 2014.

The Work Ethic

Cristi, as a creative muse, fully embraces her intuitive, humorous, and playful sides. She is open to exploring many aspects of life, including but not limited to mind/body healing and an interest in world cultures and ancient religions.

People often comment that Cristi does not fit the stereotype of a person who loves being creative. Far from it, people describe Cristi as down-to-earth, rational, analytical, open-minded, and a compassionate person who meets deadlines on time and who works and communicates well with others. Cristi has proven over time to be a dependable asset to any creative project or work team.

Interpersonal Savvy

Cristi understands that people’s beliefs and the brain’s innate need to see one’s self as right create the framework of personal and group identity. Cristi brings over 30 academic credit hours in human behavior to the table. She has the unique ability and understanding of human behavior that allows her to effectively hear and  work with diverse clients,  validating what is important to them in creating desired outcomes. Cristi has also worked to encourage literacy and library use among immigrant and under-served populations, developing and implementing programs to that end.

A Unique Aspect

It has often been said that artists channel in concepts and ideas that are bigger than themselves. Many of Cristi’s artistic works are created based on integrating the feeling, heart-based nature of creative expression integrated with the rational thinking process.

a poppy emerges from its bud © Cristi Jenkins CreationsCristi is particularly interested in the growing field of neuroscience, quantum physics, and the research being done that confirms how the heart’s electromagnetic field communicates to other humans beyond verbal expression.


You may contact Cristi by phone at 360 737-7600 or via the contact form.


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