Copywriting, Websites and Information Architecture

Drawing on over a decade of public service as a front-line reference librarian, Cristi knows what people want when they engage with websites and databases and understands the frustrations that may arise from not being familiar with technology. She has helped people with little computer skill or knowledge in learning to navigate the web, as well as those who are more advanced. Her expertise as an information specialist and knowledge of cognitive development and learning enhances her interactions with others and make her an affective team leader and teacher. The following are websites that she has helped to develop.

The Shulnak Village School Project a non-profit organization site– development team: Cristi Jenkins–project manager, Troy Uyan–lead developer, Hunter Nelson–lead designer, and Kathryn Collins–design assistant and logo.

two boys gaze at a blacboard


The Filler Dental site is a purely fictional site designed as a final project for a WordPress class. It showcases my copywriting abilities. Photos used in the site fall under a creative commons license that allows their use for noncommercial purposes.  The names of people depicted in the photo captions do not represent actual people, with the exception of acknowledging the actual clown represented in the photos as B.J. the Clown.

Dr. DeKay Filler WordPress class site development team: Cristi Jenkins–project manager, photos, information architect, and content; Daryl Stuvik–Statement of Work and consultant; David Edenholm– site design.

a building against a green backdrop

 Your Dreams Demystified is a rather humorous spoof advertising site I put together for a quick class project.

a night sky with two owls © Cristi Jenkins Creations