Awards & Recognitions

flowerClark College Foundation. Photo Reflected Flower selected by committee as lead artwork for the 2015 Clark College Annual Thank-you Donor Dinner. Note: Text and layout by a different artist.








Community College Humanities Association, Judges Award, Third Place, Performance/Song division, CCHA Literary Magazine Competition, Oct. 2014. Craig’s Smilea documentary produced by Anni Becker and Cristi Jenkins.

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 9.08.17 PMClark College Foundation. Time Tale and Adagio for Buds selected as artwork for thank-you cards, 2014.

a leaf on a sundial © Cristi Jenkins

Time Tale Selected for inclusion in Clark College’s award-winning annual student publication, “The Phoenix.”

two flowers flowers face towards a sunsetCraig’s Smile and stop-motion animation, Adagio for Buds. Accepted for Clark College Video Festival 2014,  student publication The Phoenix 2014 , and  the Clark College Annual Student Art Show 2014.

intro shot







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