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The blog on this site provides a forum for presenting life in new and interesting ways. Please enjoy the perspectives presented therein and feel free to comment. The ground rules are that all opinions are to be respected as having value to the person who communicates them. People can still disagree and can respectfully allow others to express their opinions with dignity and integrity.

The main purpose of the blog is to discuss how we can use greater personal awareness in  integrating art, technology, and cognitive awareness into building a world that is more compassionate and inclusive of all human beings. The author believes that all life is sacred and that it is time for humans to celebrate the ways that we are connected to each other, instead of focusing on the ideas and cognitive biases that create separation and mistrust of those who believe differently. With that in mind, please remember to be nice and respectful in responding to comments. Name-calling and denigrating others are not allowed.

The blog author reserves the right to remove unsavory and hostile comments. Persistent inappropriate speech will result in the commentator being blocked.

Photographs and Illustrations

All photos and illustrations on this site, unless otherwise attributed in the caption, are the property and creation of Cristi Jenkins. All rights are reserved.

Articles and writings on this website may be freely shared for noncommercial purposes. Attribution to the author and the copyright message must be clearly displayed with the writing and a link provided to the source article or blog post. For permission to use photographs or graphics please contact Cristi.

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