Reader’s Advisory Samples

Fiction for Kids

book coverTitle: The Amazing Odorous Adventures of Stinky Dog
Edition: 1st ed.
Publication Date: 2003
Publisher: New York : Atheneum Books for Young Readers, c2003.
ISBN: 9780689856334
Physical Description: 101 p. : ill. ; 20 cm.
Series: Tales from the house of Bunnicula; #6
Added Author: Helquist, Brett.


So, you’re a dog. You’re not just an ordinary dog. You’re special. Why? Well, to put it frankly, you stink…and it’s not just a puny, little, ordinary stink. It’s a gargantuan stench that is so grossly huge that your smell plasters people like a raging kapow—right in the senses. They get one whiff of you and they, well… pass out cold. THUNK!

So just how did you gain your super stinky powers? It was fate. One day, a bolt of lightening landed at your feet and it transformed you instantly, making you Super Stinky Dog. Now, not only do you reek x ten, no make that x one million, you discovered you have yet another super stinky power. What is it? You merely think stinky thoughts, and it makes a continuous stream of airy emanations emerge from beneath the base of your tail and it propels you through the air. Yes, that’s right! Your farts make you fly.

So being the wise and astute dog that you are, you asked yourself this question, “How can I use these super stinky powers for the greater good?” And suddenly you knew the answer. “I’ll be a super stinky crime fighter,” you said.

So you join forces with a little bird to fight crime. So just how do you make the city a safer place to live? Read the book and find out.


Fiction for Young Adults

The Boy in the Black Suit by Jason Reynolds

book cover
 Title: The Boy in the Black Suit
Edition: First edition.
Publication Date: 2015
ISBN: 9781442459502

Physical Description: 255 pages ; 22 cm

Subject Term: Grief–Fiction
African American teenagers–Fiction


Well, life can be pretty tough in Brooklyn NY–that’s for sure, and that’s when things are going well. People say that your senior year of high school is supposed to be the best, but that is not proving true for Matt. When his mom dies from cancer at the beginning of the school year, and then a couple of months later his dad ends up in the hospital with pins in both legs and a busted jaw, life gets kind of crazy. On top of that, Matt discovers that he really likes being around dead people. Who in their right mind is going to get that?

Yeah, it hurts like Hell to lose a mom, and it makes things even worse when the guy who is supposed to be the adult in the family just can’t handle his own grief and ends up doing something so incredibly stupid that it almost kills him. How does a guy deal with a parent who doesn’t want to be a parent any more?

But then there’s Mr. Ray. He’s kind of like a beam of sunshine, well almost. At least he gives a crap about Matt and he hires him to work at his business after school. And just when life couldn’t get any crazier, Matt meets a girl he really likes. He blows his first chance to impress her. Even though he’s not so good at meeting girls, he really wants to get to know Lovey, so he keeps trying.  Just when they start to really get to know each other, they discover a dark and painful secret from their past. Will that secret bring them together or will it push them apart?


Adult Nonfiction

book cover

Title: The Body Keeps the Score : Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma
Publication Date: 2014
ISBN: 9780670785933
Physical Description: xvi, 443 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Contents: Part one: The Rediscovery of Trauma;
Part two: This is Your Brain on Trauma; Part three: The Minds of Children, Part Four: the Imprint of Trauma; Part Five: Paths to Discovery

Every once in a while, a book comes along that fundamentally changes the way we look at the world. Bessel van der Kolk has written such a book.Stephen Cope, founder and director, Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living; author of Yoga and the Quest for the True Self

In his best-selling work, trauma expert Bessel van der Kolk MD takes the reader on a fascinating and life-affirming journey into the brains of those who have experienced debilitating trauma. He weaves together neuroscience, psychology, and historical analysis, explaining the need for integrating body-centered therapies into treatment, creating a framework that helps people to understand and more effectively tackle the substantial effects of trauma.

Dr. van der Kolk illustrates how trauma literally shuts down areas of the brain, impeding people’s ability to think, and in many cases causes the body to respond as if it is in constant danger.  He discusses how childhood trauma, particularly in children whose brains are not fully formed can impair 5 cognitive centers needed to develop a healthy sense of self. Those effects can be felt into adulthood.

Trauma contributes to social, individual, and cultural disintegration and the author illustrates its far-reaching costs and effects on inhibiting our collective well-being. Van der Kolk argues that more resources need to be funneled into treating the effects of trauma as a way of fighting social ills and in giving people and communities the tools that they really need to move beyond its harmful and long-lasting effects.

Dr. Van der Kolk offers viable solutions, via EMDR, short-term drug therapy, meditation, and movement therapies in helping people to first understand and then to move through the effects that have often adversely impacted their abilities to live full and healthy lives. The Body Keeps the Score is a book of hope for those who have been touched by the devastating effects of trauma. His work, which is being lauded by some as the new bible of trauma therapy,  offers hope and clarity to the many people that have struggled to free themselves from the traumatic events of their past.

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