Professional Testimonials

What Others Are Saying:

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Cristi is a kind and conscientious librarian . She’s very competent in circulation, reference, and patron services. Branch staff look to her for assistance and support in these areas and she is well accepted by her colleagues…..Cristi is well spoken of by patrons, as seen in emails and comments to the library. — Amy Lee, Supervisor, 2007 Work Evaluation

Cristi’s optimism for FVRL’s services, flexibility in scheduling and ability to work with other staff having a variety of work styles are all laudable and appreciated. –Tom Taylor, Supervisor, 2006 Work Evaluation

What a talented and creative professional! She even sings! Cristi was most excellent with the children and parents.–Michele McRae, Image Elementary School

FVRL staff rely on Cristi’s skills, experience, enthusiasm, and the quality of her interactions with patrons….Cristi plans and presents excellent story times….Cristi uses good judgment and displays appropriate supervisory skills when providing branch library services as the acting branch supervisor— Tina Smith, Supervisor, 2010 Work Evaluation

Cristi really gets little kid energy.–Joy Roof, Head Start Teacher, Sara J. Anderson Elementary

Cristi shows an eagerness and capacity to learn new things….Cristi has an excellent public service attitude. She is always trying to think of how she can provide even better service to patrons….Cristi is a very dependable worker. She usually shows up early and sometimes stays late to finish working with  patrons.

Cristi is a delight to work with. She always has a positive, upbeat attitude and has a ready smile. She exhibits warmth and consideration for others. Because she works with staff at 9 different locations on a regular basis, this is an extremely important aspect of her job. She not only gets along with staff at all locations, but she blends in with them….Cristi is good about applying the library policies fairly and appropriately….She often makes valuable suggestions for improvement and she uses good judgment in referring matters to her supervisor when appropriate.
–Meg Zaleski, Supervisor, 2002 Work Evaluation

A woman named  Peggy … came down to the business office to say that Cristi Jenkins gave her expert library service today. She wanted to get a book that we didn’t have (or some such thing like that–it was apparently a really difficult question). The first librarian at the VA Info Desk didn’t know how to get it and gave up or said it wasn’t possible. Peggy was leaving–she was out in the parking lot–when she thought to herself, librarians should be able to find this. So she came back inside the library and encountered Cristi, who searched a whole bunch deeper and found out how to get the book or information that the patron wanted. She was so thrilled with the effort that Cristi went to, that she came right down to the business office to tell us about it. She said numerous times, “Cristi didn’t give up.”  –Becky Pettigrew, Executive Coordinator, FVRL Email 3/15/2008

For more peer recommendations, please see Cristi’s Linked-In profile.