Improving Artistic Expression via FaceBook

Many of us use social media as a way to interact with friends and to share bits of meaningful information. FaceBook is a great way to bounce ideas off of people, and to also get good suggestions on how to improve projects.

FaceBook and UX

In a sense, Facebook dynamics lend themselves to seeking input on good user experience design. This practice can blur ethics a bit if overused, as most people don’t hang with friends on FaceBook to be marketing subjects; yet, I’ve found that as long as requests are not too frequent, and adequate thanks given, that people are willing to give feedback. It  often helps me to see the bigger picture in designing my current project. Continue reading

The Human Remote Control

A friend of mine recently posted a saying to FaceBook stating, “If I were meant to be controlled, I would come with a remote.” At first glance I laughed along with it and then the analytical brain kicked in and wanted to create a bigger picture behind the quote.

The Brain’s Robotic Tendencies


A human computer is attached by a cable to a box © Cristi Jenkins Creations

I hate to break this to you, but humans do come with a built-in remote control. It is called cognitive and social biases. These biases cause humans to make connections to things that really may have no relation to each other and to frame what goes on in life to support what we want to see as our reality. Once one understands how these biases work, human behavior becomes quite predictable. Continue reading