A Librarian’s Take on Good Web Design


“How may I help you?” It was a phrase I reiterated numerous times throughout the course of a day. As a librarian, I listened to the patron’s request and tried to decipher what the patron desired.

Sometimes the patrons needed a little help. “Are you sure that the recipe you want is for something called ‘wedgies.’ I think that they are called ‘pootato’ I mean ‘potato wedges.’” Cough and slight smile. Once I clarified with the patron what he or she wanted, then it was easier to provide the desired information. Continue reading

Sacred Rumblings: Musings on Life, Technology, and Compassion


words on a page.The main purpose of this blog is to discuss how we can use greater personal awareness in integrating art and technology into building a world that is more compassionate and inclusive of all human beings. The author believes that it is in our best interests to celebrate the ways that we are connected to each other, instead of perpetuating ideas that create separation and mistrust between people. When responding to comments, please remember to be nice and respectful.